Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so, i've been busily making Waldorf-inspired dolls (and loving every minute of it ~ here's *Fawn* for those of you who have yet to meet her)

my girl Helen (4) is busily designing hers. we've agreed that i'll only make her one EVER, so she needs to think a bit about what she wants her doll to look like (so far, she's firmly decided on peach colored skin and pinky-peach hair, but she's still debating the eye color...lavender at last check, but yesterday it was black...we'll see)

Clara (2) desperately wants one of these lovelies, too. since she's so little, i just cannot imagine giving her a dress-up doll...besides, the doll she wants at 2 is not likely to be the doll she'd design at 4 or 5...and she only gets one EVER. but, we all know i'm a giant sucker for big brown eyes and strawberry-blond ringlets...SO

here's *Sophie* the snuggle doll. she has a super soft cotton velour body, so the clothes don't frustrate my baby, but she still has *big girl*'s just tied up in short little pony tails that are easily repairable if need be. Clara chose the grassy green color of her suit, and i tried to mimic Clara's features for the rest of the doll.

i'm pretty sure *Sophie* is named for the daughter of i recently painted a custom set of dolls for LuLu's girls, and Clara has been fascinated by the name *Sophie* ever since!

we're pretty excited about these snuggle dolls around here, so Connor and Zoe will be making their debut at Imogen's Garden at Etsy very soon!


by...Jackie (aka, mom, grammie) said...

Sophie is sooooooo cute!!! And snuggly! Love her hair!!!! Great always!

Alayna said...

How sweet! You do amazing work!

Candy Stick Lane said...

BEAU! Sophie is so super cute! OMG! YOu do such fab design! XOXO

babycheeks said...

I love her hair, so sweet!

by...Jackie (aka, mom, grammie) said...

You received a blog award! You may pick it up on my blog!