Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so, i've been busily making Waldorf-inspired dolls (and loving every minute of it ~ here's *Fawn* for those of you who have yet to meet her)

my girl Helen (4) is busily designing hers. we've agreed that i'll only make her one EVER, so she needs to think a bit about what she wants her doll to look like (so far, she's firmly decided on peach colored skin and pinky-peach hair, but she's still debating the eye color...lavender at last check, but yesterday it was black...we'll see)

Clara (2) desperately wants one of these lovelies, too. since she's so little, i just cannot imagine giving her a dress-up doll...besides, the doll she wants at 2 is not likely to be the doll she'd design at 4 or 5...and she only gets one EVER. but, we all know i'm a giant sucker for big brown eyes and strawberry-blond ringlets...SO

here's *Sophie* the snuggle doll. she has a super soft cotton velour body, so the clothes don't frustrate my baby, but she still has *big girl*'s just tied up in short little pony tails that are easily repairable if need be. Clara chose the grassy green color of her suit, and i tried to mimic Clara's features for the rest of the doll.

i'm pretty sure *Sophie* is named for the daughter of i recently painted a custom set of dolls for LuLu's girls, and Clara has been fascinated by the name *Sophie* ever since!

we're pretty excited about these snuggle dolls around here, so Connor and Zoe will be making their debut at Imogen's Garden at Etsy very soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

i've got 4 kids, but my #2 is the one who shocks me each year. somehow, i can never get a grip on how much he's much time has passed from one birthday to the next.

today is Jack's 7th birthday (really? seriously? 7?). he's an orange nut, and it is so difficult to find orange things! i looked to Etsy and hit the jackpot...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

River is here!

here she is ladies and gents! this little girl is SO beautiful to me!! i altered the pattern that gave Eva funny arms...and i think i've got it right this time.

River is about 15" tall with golden skin and jet black eyes. her hair is so fun...made of three types of wool for a fun and funky look...her highlights match her dress and bring out the golden tones in her skin.

she's ready for a new home! hop on over to the Garden at Etsy and pick her up!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet "Eva"

FINALLY she's finished! i had such a marvelous time creating this doll. she was a real challenge, but i think she's totally worth it. since she's been so well received, i've decided to make this type of Waldorf-inspired natural doll for my shop.

this lovely girl is named "Eva". Helen was my brain trust on this one. Eva was my great-grandmother's name, and it is a derivative of "Eve". we thought it most appropriate as she is the first doll of this type and took 7 days to create.

Eva is entirely made by hand of all natural materials. she has cotton skin, cotton thread, and wonderfully soft wool stuffing. her hair is made of three types of wool yarn (i'm fairly certain the shiny stuff isn't *natural*, but the effect is worth it).

Helen says she'll call the doll "Evie" that was the name my great-grandmother most often went by...if you were familiar enough to call her by her first name. Evie Whitten was always just *Mamaw* to me!

"River" is already in progress...i'll be sure to let you know when she's ready to go to her new home!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


in an effort to *take care of myself*, i have abandoned all custom orders for a while. my life had gotten too complicated, and so, nothing was being done well or on time. i found myself frustrated and feeling incompetent.

this new found *freedom* has been so liberating already. i've got tons of projects and ideas that i want to explore, and now i have the time to do them. Helen has already commented that *we don't have to rush today, huh, Mommy?* boy, is that a wake up call...when i found myself rushing their little childhoods and postponing sweet, handmade *just because* gifts for them...

well, it's time. time to step back and care for creative spirit, my health, my children...

but that means PLAYTIME!!

i've learned a few new tricks, and i'm happy to be able to share some of them with you. some of these things will end up in my Etsy or Artfire shops, some will be sent to nieces and nephews, and some will set up residence here with my children...which is why i began this venture in the first place.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Modern Day Partridge Family

so, James got *Rock Band* for his birthday...

here are my little musicians hard at work.

the scary part is they're good at it. even wee Clara can drum pretty darned well...

and they take it so very seriously.

watch out "American Idol". i've got your next set of contestants right here...

(the sweet little feet in the bottom corner belong to Jack...Helen was *sitting this one out, Mom*)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last Sneak Peek!

okay...last time i'm gonna show you before she's done (name suggestions, anyone?)

i *fixed* her eyes, partially stitched down her hair, and attached her upper body to the rest.

next time you see her, she'll be done!! whoo-hoo!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the Next Step

here she is in two pieces (her eyes are still weird).

i think her arms are too long and skinny, but i'm trying to reserve judgement until she's finished and dressed.

Trying Something New (again)

i get bored easily. my husband says it's because i'm too smart. (he's very sweet)

i am attempting my first Waldorf doll. i hear they are a real challenge to make. i'm so excited, i can hardly stand it.

the head wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought, though the eyes are a little weird. i found a kind soul to help me figure out how to fix them.

but here she is in progress...