Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabric shopping - not for the faint of heart

i took my four darling children with me to the fabric store this morning. imagine two lovely, proper southern women and one non-showered, under-caffinated me attempting to have a lucid, productive conversation with three whirling dirvishes (ages 7, 3, and 1) and one pouter(age6).

honestly, i am amazed that the building is still standing...even more amazed that we made it out of there without breaking anything...

i had visions of being able to actually talk through trends and colors and weights of fabric that could possibly go into fall...HA!

i did walk out of there with loads of new stuff. several butterflies and some sweet cherries (thank you to Helen who stopped spinning long enough to find that one)...look for new dresses and shorts for girls coming soon

Something a little new

well, i certainly never expected to be a blogger. but here i am. i just opened a store at it's going well, and i love it! my darling friend jennifer suggested that i may need a here we are.
this outfit the "Juicy Jungle Ballgown" is my most popular and is one of my favorites!

check out the shop. i'm sure you'll have some wonderful things to say!