Wednesday, April 8, 2009



i thought it was bad when i was making only rag dolls. then i ventured into the wooden them, too.

but Waldorf-inspired dolls...


it's all i think about anymore!

it's fun to daydream dresses for my girls and for my shop. i love to hear that a mom is especially happy with a skirt i custom made for her hard-to-fit-daughter...but none of that compares with the deep, obsessive love i have for this doll making.

i have made six 14/15 inch dolls to date and 3 little snuggle dolls (and one wee pocket-sized doll for my daughter who was obsessively jealous of the pocket doll given to me by Ulla of Germandolls. (check out her shop...we do the same things, but so differently...she is really, really gifted...and her dolls are made from a *secret family recipie*!) i refuse to share...i made her a poor replica instead)

right now, i have 5 dolls in the hopper. 2 boys for my 2 boys (but don't tell the big kids on the bus), 2 mermaids, and 1 golden skinned doll who must be River's little sister. i wonder what her name is... are photos of Helen's doll *Rosa*. she's made from wool i sourced locally with the most fabulous hair! i would never have picked it...leave it to Helen to choose something totally unconventional and have it totally rock. the thick slubby stuff is yarn i handspun from a roving by Woolyhands. the rest we chose at the same sheep farm from which Rosa's stuffing came. i made Rosa's dress and bloomers, but her FABULOUS sweater came from Elaine at GrannysKnits with a button for closure by Gina at GinaMStudios. there are more sweaters on the way...assuming i can keep them out of Helen's greedy little mits.

i've been pondering a Waldorf-inspired doll giveaway...what say you all?