Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet "Eva"

FINALLY she's finished! i had such a marvelous time creating this doll. she was a real challenge, but i think she's totally worth it. since she's been so well received, i've decided to make this type of Waldorf-inspired natural doll for my shop.

this lovely girl is named "Eva". Helen was my brain trust on this one. Eva was my great-grandmother's name, and it is a derivative of "Eve". we thought it most appropriate as she is the first doll of this type and took 7 days to create.

Eva is entirely made by hand of all natural materials. she has cotton skin, cotton thread, and wonderfully soft wool stuffing. her hair is made of three types of wool yarn (i'm fairly certain the shiny stuff isn't *natural*, but the effect is worth it).

Helen says she'll call the doll "Evie" that was the name my great-grandmother most often went by...if you were familiar enough to call her by her first name. Evie Whitten was always just *Mamaw* to me!

"River" is already in progress...i'll be sure to let you know when she's ready to go to her new home!

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Candy Stick Lane said...

HEY EVA!!!! How beautiful! I love her hair! XOXO