Monday, May 12, 2008

Butterflies and Inspiration

Yesterday, Mother's Day, my sweet husband took over all KP and most kid duties so that I could get some sewing done. I managed to finish a new Ballgown for my littlest one, and she adores it.

The fabric is a collage of brilliant butterfly wings...a print from the Hoffman Challenge in 2004. I had purchased the fabric to make a lap quilt for myself, but I couldn't escape the thought that these butterflies were destined for something more spectacular. So, the fabric sat on my shelf for the last four years (yikes!) waiting for a stroke of inspiration.

It came in the form of my youngest daughter. She has always been drawn to bright, cheerful colors (unlike my oldest daughter who much prefers pinks). When Clara saw the butterflies, she grabbed them and took off. Once I wrestled them from her, I just knew that she needed a Ballgown with the happiest accents I could find.

What could be happier than yellow? Maybe yellow and orange stripes! So a moment of toddler greed brought my cherished fabric off it's shelf. It was given new life as the happiest dress yet.

It also renewed my joy and motivation for this craft. Hooray for Clara! Hooray for Butterflies!!

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