Monday, July 19, 2010

inspiration and awesomeness

last post i told you i'd be offering links to and admirations of some of my favorite dollmakers. but then, inspiration struck...what if i let them tell you about themselves? ah, yes, my genius is showing!

i've made a list of 16 artists...some who make dolls, some who help me with mine (don't you want to know what makes Olivia of Olivia's Ultimate so incredibly wonderful? how does she do it??), some who are just plain fabulous!

first up will be Emily of YarnMiracle...she's such a good writer, i already know you'll want to tune in. her interview will be up tomorrow!!

and now, for Memory Monday...
this is me and my dear sweet uncle...
and what a Polaroid photo looks like after 30-ish years!

1 comment:

polka dot skies said...

Such a sweet photo-it makes me want to go home to my parents and dig through the old boxes of phtographs!