Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frog Prince

after meeting Emily of Yarn Miracle (see previous post to get to know her better...she rocks!), i promptly fell in love with her *Frog Prince* pattern and HAD TO make one.

lucky me, i had just finished spinning a fantastic green yarn (from a roving by Cloudlover). i had used most of it for doll hair, but i knew the rest was destined to be this little frog guy.

i used to be a rabid knitter...but i have never been one to follow a pattern, so this was a leap of faith for me. plus it calls for tiny needles and all i could find were metal (i have a tremendous loathing for metal knitting needles. yuck.)

this little guy needed to be made, so i took him along on our family vacation. in between berry picking, sailing, and beach lounging, i knit him up...with a smidge of help from my darling mother-in-law (always helps to have a cheerleader when you're trying something new).

the Yarn Miracle pattern is incredibly easy to follow! there was only one time that i said "huh?"...but once i got over myself and trusted that she knew exactly what she was asking me to do...he turned out beautifully.

this could be a fantastic evening project...even less time for someone with experience. for me, it was the perfect end-of-the-day project on vacation. thank you, Emily!!

growing up, i always believed that someday, my prince would come. well, here he is!

dress by Totzhatz


Jackie said...

great job Anna! cute little frog prince....and of course a very cute princess...:)

Emily said...

He is the best one I've seen yet! The handspun gives him so much personality! I love him madly.

Thanks for all the kind words and I am so glad you enjoyed the knit. Toys should be as fun to make as they are to play with.

mrsbeccijo said...

I love his greeness!