Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nixie an spring-time giveaway

isn't she precious?

if i had had the time...i think i would have kept her myself. of course, i think this about many of my dolls, so maybe it's best i don't have more time!

Nixie is a mermaid looking for a sweet someone to call her own. she can be yours! all you have to do is become a fan on Facebook . after that, tell me one word to describe the person you would give her to(it can be you!) and then, tell me your relationship to that person.

tomorrow, March 31, around noon-ish, we'll let the random number generator decide where Nixie will go to live happily ever after.

Nixie has tan cotton skin, chocolate brown eyes, and super squishy hair which i handspun from a roving made by WoolyHands on Etsy. she is filled with the cleanest wool stuffing i have ever, ever seen(...seriously! so happy with my new supplier). her mermaid tail is removable and is made from cotton velour...she has underwear on under there, so she can be a *regular gal*, too.

best of luck to you!


(sorry this is so slap-dash! we'll do another soon...)

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