Monday, September 15, 2008

Helen's "new Do"

i was never one of those children who cut their own hair...i was always too afraid to do it! so, when my oldest daughter was mesmerized by the sound new Hello Kitty scissors slicing away at her locks, i just had no idea what to say...and it took a week to know what to do!
i was concerned that if i said to much, she'd believe that i placed high value on her appearance or that i didn't care for her creativity. i was also concerned that she would be embarrassed...she did look a bit funny. She won stares from strangers and looks of worry from her Sunday School teachers (one of whom asked if she was recovering from a medical procedure).

so an entire week after the fact, i rounded up little Helen and dragged her to the salon. she was really not impressed. she likes her hair long and was frustrated by the very word "haircut". i had a hard time explaining to her that she really needed one...see above paragraph for my neuroses... the woman who cut Helen's hair is a kind soul. exactly what we needed. Helen complained that she wanted princess Rapunzel. word spread around the salon like wild fire. dozens of women passed by our station one at a time to tell Helen she looked just like Rapunzel...after the haircut to keep the evil witch away. several more told her she looked just like a pixie with her new do. Helen wasn't too keen on that...until the hairdresser explained that Tinkerbell is a pixie...

well, now my girl has a new outlook. she's really happy being "Tinkerbell's sister". she still wants long hair, but she's much happier with herself. and that's a great thing.

now, our challenge is keeping it "cute" as Helen likes to say. she's always been the girl to have huge bows and sparkles in her hair. the more closely it matches the outfit of the day, the better. well, there will be no ponytails for a while!

we trekked to the craft store today and found felt balls...with glittery beads already attached! we immediately (read, poor dogs still needed to be let out of their kennels) sewed the balls to some fancy, glittery bobby pins (thanks, Daddy!). Tinkerbell's sister is pleased...and so is her mommy.


Jennifer Merkl said...

Please tell miss Helen that she is, indeed, as pretty as a princess! I have also joined the sisterhood of pixies and I love that she and I can share this commonality. As I've said before, a "mistake" can often be the threshold for opportunity.

Kacey Randolph said...

Hello There! I thought I would check in on you and see how your summer was going. I see you have been quite busy by the looks of your shop. Love EVERY SINGLE THING! The dolls are adorable and all of the swing tops. Oh! So sweet!

Helen is too cute and her new do is super fabulous! Plus, Repunzel had to start somewhere with those long locks so Tinkerbell is a GREAT stand in until she reaches her dream hair! :o)