Thursday, September 18, 2014


we came as strangers and yet had always known
same eyes, same ears, same faith

love in an instant

we prayed and were granted
laughter which rang like church bells through corridors
tears which fell both in silence and in ragged gasps
meals that looked a lot like communion
drink that brought us back around to laughter

begin again

you held my heart in your hands
witnessed the ugliness and imperfections
watched the jealousy, envy, and utter lack of forgiveness
writhing in the dark night of the soul
yet you called it beautiful
carved out a space for yourself inside
and cherished me


you were home in big ways
acceptance     gratitude     unfailing love
and in ways which were small
soft voice    soft skin    soft place to land

 we are parted
no more laughter, tears, or meals
and I am shattered

you are gone

yet there is still communion

 I will mourn
your eyes
your ears
the softness that was you

 but I will cling to our faith
and the promise of the resurrection
and I will hold this heart-space for you
 until we meet again


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