Thursday, November 28, 2013



My youngest boy offered a prayer of gratitude for all of us during our Thanksgiving service last night.

I am thankful for my family and my friends.  They are very important, not just to me, but to everyone, even on a primal level.  Humans literally cannot exist sanely without other human contact.  For this, but also for other reasons, I love my family.  They are exactly what I need, and whenever I am unhappy or worried or anything, they are there to help me.  For these reasons, I am thankful for my family and friends.
~Jackson Montgomery

My eldest was asked to give a short homily of sorts about what he is grateful for this Thanksgiving.  This is his work.  God has blessed me beyond measure through the words of these boys.  And for that, I am grateful.

I am most thankful for my loving family. 

          I am thankful for my Dad who earns the money we need for our household:  he keeps us supplied with food, clothing, pets and their needs, and fun stuff too.  He also goes out willingly and risks his life for our country to protect our rights and freedoms as Americans and to ensure the safety of our global community.

          I am thankful for Mom who goes out of her way to spoil us kids with gifts and love and who makes us feel good by comforting us when we are sad or sick or whenever we just need a hug. 

          I am thankful for all 6 of our pets who are there whenever you need to vent or to cuddle.  Whenever I feel sad or mad, the dogs come to me and sit on the couch so I can pet them, and I feel better.  The cat is a constant source of amusement, and at the end of the day, he’s always ready for some loving.

          I am thankful for all of my siblings who are (almost) always happy to do a puzzle or to wrestle or to play a video game…any number of things.  I get frustrated with them sometimes, but they always forgive me.  They understand that I am only human and that I make mistakes.  It is good to know that I will always have three close friends ready to help me throughout my life.

          I am not thankful so much for what my family gives me, rather I care the most that they will always be there for me loving me and supporting me.

          This year especially, thank you God for family.

 ~J Carter Montgomery

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