Sunday, September 5, 2010

the super big project

when anxiety or worry takes over, i find myself drawn to fiber. i like to hold it, squish it, spin it, finish it, knit it, smell it (does that make me weird??)

it is fairly obvious to anyone who knows me well that there are some major things going on in my little world. the mounds of freshly carded fiber (thanks Erin, Ducky, and Mande!) are piling up. the spinning wheel is whirring more often than not. the skeins of gorgeous yarns for doll hair are stacking up in the studio.

several months ago, i spun a yarn that i couldn't part with. something about it made me pause. so, i began knitting. a triangle. then, i found another yarn. and another yarn. and another yarn. and i knit them up, too. into triangles. lots of oddly shaped, variously sized triangles.

a week ago, i finally figured out what to do with them all. i'm going to continue to knit them until some large life things are settled out...and then i'll need a professional finisher. got any suggestions?

all the yarns in this particular project are spun by batts from Erin of WoolyHands on Etsy. (well, except for was spun by Erin...but i need to remember to ask if it was her batt!)


Mariesa said...

That looks like fun. Knitting is such a peaceful experience. I use it in my prayer and meditation all the time. It helps my concentration, my relaxation, and my quiet. Those are some beautiful knitted pieces. It will be interesting to see what becomes of them.

FairiesNest said...

Those are SO gorgeous!! There is something very Zen about knitting, I too turn to it as a way of relaxing my mind..I think it's a form of meditation.

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

They are gorgeous!!! I suggest you just throw them in bed with you and snuggle up and de tox :) hee hee! I love you! i hope its not bad major