Tuesday, February 9, 2010

odd ramblings and a day-late photo

this past month has been a whirlwind. i started out the year with loads of resolutions about how i would run my shop, but so far, i've only actually accomplished one of them. my poor Etsy shop is badly neglected while i've been otherwise engaged.

lest you think i've been slacking, i thought i would tell you, i've sent loads of dresses and swingtops to Puerto Rico and hoards of dolls in all shapes, sizes, and kinds to Canada. several hats and dolls have found new homes stateside. currently, i have 4 Moppets in the works as custom orders, and 5 wooden dolly blanks begging to be painted for a sweet girl in California. i have sketched 11 doll patterns...9 of which i look forward to sharing with you. i have actually drafted 4 of those patterns and sent 1 of them to my *editor* for the final proof and copy. i'll be working on the copy for another later this week.

meanwhile, my daughter Helen has informed me that she's just about outgrown all of her dresses, and she needs something new to wear to her Valentine's party on Friday. i've committed to baking cupcakes for 2 classes...and completely forgotten until now, that i have yet to sit with my children and work on teacher gifts for the occasion. not to mention the hubbub surrounding the 100th day of school and the projects that go with that.


also, my brain has been spinning with the notion of craft vs. production. why do we (as crafters and artisans) do what we do? at what point does the idea of creating something beautiful for someone cross the line into a way to meet the *bottom line*? how much does commerce drive creativity?

looking to the future, i can clearly see that something currently in my life will have to fade away. i cannot maintain two small businesses, provide childcare for my neighbors, and mother my children the way i have been. deployment is looming on the horizon. with that will come larger household responsibilities (okay...make that ALL the household responsibilities) and a larger need to look out for the other women who will be sharing this deployment with me.

so, i'm working out the options in my head. not an easy task! i'm the kind of gal who will contort herself and give away the farm if someone is in need...

i can see that part of the solution will be to draw my personal line closer to the notion of craft...further from production. i imagine i'll be focusing more on making dolls for the sake of making them because i need to...less because i know they'll sell. if that makes sense. you'll probably see fewer dolls for a bit...but they'll be more lovely than ever.


the notion that i am establishing myself as a dollmaker is a heady one. a driving one. it is wonderful to see a note in my inbox that someone wants a doll i've made with my own hands of my own design.

see, there is no one else helping me run the little show called Imogen's Garden. it's just me. no staff. no one else to do the post office runs. no one else to send out email blasts on my behalf. and i find this gratifying. i find the honor bestowed upon me with each purchase made in my little shop humbling. and all of it is exhilarating! and exhausting.

so, eventually...i'll find a solution. maybe.

my youngest son reminded me that today is Tuesday...not Monday. so i'm a day late. but i thought you'd enjoy this photo of my monkey girl taken last May in Williamsburg, VA. such a carefree day, and this photo embodies it just about perfectly. i think we need more days like this one...


Leah said...

We sure do need more days like your beautiful photo, Good luck with your forward planning!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

Fantastic! I wanna day like that! indeed!