Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DIY Clip Kit by Daisycreek Designs

there is a new simple pleasure out there for us DIY-ers. Liz from Daisycreek Designs has come out with an easy, precious clip kit.

everything you need to make a unique hair clip for your wee-one (or yourself...admit it, you like to be cute as much as the next girl) is included in this sweet little package. the only extra supplies you'll need are scissors, a sewing needle, and a glue gun or know, the things we moms can't live without! Liz has even pre-cut the embroidery you don't have to think through the measuring.

this morning, Clara and i sat down together and made one of these clips to match the dress she was wearing. it took us about 10 minutes...would have been even faster without the *help* of a three-year-old!

head on over to visit Liz. she has a wealth of precious things for the girly-girls in your life!

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