Saturday, December 12, 2009

what i'm working on today...

well, worked on today... she's off to Minnesota!

i had a blast with this doll. i spun the fat slubby yarn and handdyed the mohair. Dad wanted tan skin with brown eyes so *the doll can be whoever my daughter wants her to be*. i LOVE that!! he requested funky hair in his daughter's favorite colors, and we worked together to design a more traditional dress for the doll that celebrated his daughter's love of color while sticking to his more conservative tastes.

i didn't get to name this one...but i hope, hope, hope i get to find out her name once the little girl who loves her decides who she *wants her to be*.

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fyrgrl said...

I love her!! One day, I will have to make myself sit down "with" you, about my daughters doll.