Saturday, January 17, 2009

CPSIA Celebrity Basket Trio

yesterday i was given the opportunity to submit items to be reviewed for inclusion into celebrity gift baskets. exciting! these baskets will be filled with handmade items from tiny businesses like mine. each basket will include a letter explaining that the items inside will no longer be available once the CPSIA takes effect on February 10, 2009. it is hoped that the women gifted will take up the cause and speak on behalf of small businesses!

i spent the day yesterday (and most of the night!) drafting a new pattern specifically for this event. "Nat" had been rolling around in my brain for quite sometime, and this prompted me to get him/her done!!

these are the dolls i submitted for review. i'll show you pictures of "original Nat" light failed (danged winter light!), and i had to photograph these first. poor Nat got left in the dark...literally!

tell me what you think!!

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by...Jackie (aka, mom, grammie) said...

Love them...they are so darn cute!!! The celeb babes will love them....:)